The COMPLETE “Day of Dead Experience” 4 Days Tour

The COMPLETE “Day of Dead Experience” 4 Days Tour
From USD $449.00
  • Duration: 4 Days

This complete 4 day tour will allow you to enjoy the incredible city of México. Let us take you through the deep history and rich colors of Mexico . All of these attractions are waiting for you during the best time of the year for Mexicans – THE DAY OF THE DEAD. What´s the day of the dead?



  • Hotel: Hotel MX Centro (or similar)
  • 4 nights 
  • 4 STARS
  • Private room

Hotel and tours: details described in the day by day itinerary.

-Comfortable transportation

Air-conditioned and comfortable seats, clean units for point-to-point transport

-Mexican food

Best recommendations for local places and authentic Mexican food, usually the owners of the restaurants are families with several generations of rich Mexican cuisine.


  •  Teotihuacan (entry included) and downtown of Mexico city.
  •  Xochimilco boat 2 hours and and tour of the surrounding neighborhood:Coyoacan.
  • Downtown tour in the old town of Mexico City
  •  The REAL day of the dead Tour!